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Antiques fair. 25Th March, Thirsk auctions.
 Auction mart Thirsk, AMK-ANTIQUES.
                                                    Vivienne Westwood.£75.00
  Vintage scent bottle. Brooch jade colour. £45.00
Silver Vesta case`s. from £45.00            


 Silver snuff box, cutlery, Napkin rings doubles and singles. Silver Photograph frames.
 Silver stamp case`s from £50.
                                                                  & Whistles. Hall mark 1930     SOLD.

Antique for sale.

posted 25 Nov 2015, 13:07 by Audrey Coupland   [ updated 7 May 2016, 07:49 ]

 Real leather, glove case 1920s £65.00              

 Women`s Land army hat.

            Women`s land army badge, £10.00

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