Stokesley history group. books on sale.

 New author, and local member, of Stokesley  local history study group, Tim  Allison   as just published a book named (  THE ALE TRAIL )
Which gives a fascinating glimpse into past and future stories of over  18 local  Stokesley pubs.  cost £9.50  

                                   Tim as published a further book,
                                 On the Roads, on sale now £9.00

               The Wanderers of Stokesley, which gives an insight into people from 1834 who had no fixed abode, until the poor laws were revised in 1911.  The censuses and surname indexes  included in the book enable people to look up their ancestors.
New book, On The Roads, price £9.00
To receive copy.
We meet 3rd Monday, of the month, above the Library, new members very welcome.                                                        
                                                                                       Booklet 50p old Cleveland dialect, Romany (gypsy) Just                                                                                         really  fun read. brings back our youth.
 all books are available from Chris Bainbridge,
 of Stokesley History Group. on 01642 711875                                      
 Stokesley history group.Facebook.
Audrey Coupland,
9 Apr 2016, 08:51